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While everyone talks about wanting to achieve the perfect work-life balance not very many of us have achieved that yet and we still find it hard to make time for simple appointments like getting to the doctor. However, we are also working in the age of flexi-time so instead of putting off these appointments until something goes really wrong, just take a day off during the week and work a little later each day next week.

To make sure you do get everything done on your day off, and that you can enjoy a day of skipping work too, hire a limousine to get you to all of your appointments. So now you are ready to get to the doctor, the dentist, and maybe even squeeze in a trip to the hairdresser so the day is not all bad.

So to get the scrutiny out of the way you will probably direct your limo chauffeur to your doctor in Bolton first. But since it has been a while since your last appointment your doctor wants to send you for a blood test. Since you are headed to Wigan anyway for your dentist appointment later that day, it is not a hassle for your chauffeur to take you for a blood test there first.

Once you have given blood for your blood test in Wigan and gotten the dentist out of the way, you can direct your chauffeur into Manchester to the hairdresser. You have heard from friends who live in the city that this hairdresser is just the best and so you have decided that on your day of tests and very un-fun appointments you deserve to be treated to a quality professional hair style.

When you emerge from the Manchester hairdresser's you will feel like a new person with a new look and hair style and you will be glad you hired a limousine to preserve your new style. You may even want to keep the limo on for the night to take in a movie or a show back in Manchester and show off your new �do.

For more information about hiring a limousine to get you around on your day off, contact Manchester Limo Hire now.

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