Chauffeured Fire Engine Limo

Chauffeured Fire Engine Limo

We have all seen the standard stretch limousines understatedly cruising the streets and they have recently been joined by the bigger, badder fully equipped SUV party bus limousines. The SUV limos are great because they grab the attention of everyone nearby and they have heaps if room inside for all of your friends and everything you need for a great night.

However, for an even more attention grabbing ride for your next special occasion, you need to hire a fire engine limousine. That's right, a limousine converted from a real fire engine!

The fire engine limousines are available across the UK and not only come in the traditional red, but there are also fire engine limousines which have been turned pink as well.

Not only do the fire engine limousines make a great impression on the street and as you arrive to your special occasion, but they are also driven by uniformed �firemen' making them perfect for a hen's night or a children's birthday party.

While the fire engine limousines were originally working fire engines and are fitted out with all of the fire fighting equipment, the fire engine limousines are not allowed to put on their sirens on public roads, no matter how late you are for the church.

Arriving at your next function in a fire engine limousine will award you with more than just a double take from the people nearby. This is not only because not everyone knows about the fire engine limousines and will think there is some sort of emergency, but they have the imposing presence and powerful look of the SUV limousines with the extra novelty of being a fire engine.

And don't worry, you can even have hood ribbons and tulle decorating the fire engine limousine if you want to give your wedding guests the shock of their lives when they see a fire engine arriving at the church.

For more information about hiring a fire engine limousine to turn up the temperature on your next special event, contact Manchester Limo Hire now.

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