School Prom Limousine Hire Information

School Prom Limousine Hire Information...

Hiring the right limousine for your school prom is about a lot more than choosing the limo you think is the coolest. While coolness is of course a factor, there are a lot of other things you need to check off before you can be sure of a safe and smooth prom night.

First you will need to confirm how many people you are fitting into your limo and how many girls and guys there will be. This is important because while a limo may say that it can carry eight passengers, you need to consider whether you and seven of your friends are of the average size the rating is working from.

For example, do the girl's dresses have over-sized skirts or elaborate trains which are going to need extra space in the limo to avoid being torn or crushed? And are any of the guys on the football team for example and are not your average sized school boy?

Next you will need to make sure that an adult, or someone over 18 signs the prom limo hire contract as this will ensure it is legal. If the contract is signed by someone underage and the limo hire company doesn't deliver or changes the prices at the last minute, your contract may be voided.

Also make sure you have specified all of the pick up and drop off points for the limo hire company. This means the exact address of each of your school friends who will be going to prom with you, as well as the address of the after party. Also make sure the pick ups and drop offs in the contract can not only get you there but also get everyone home too.

And finally to ensure that your parents don't shut down your school prom limo hire plans, you should ask about the limo hire company's policy on watching what their passengers are doing. Most limo hire companies which cater for school proms will have a �no drugs or alcohol' policy and their chauffeurs will enforce it.

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