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Everything seems to have a carbon neutral option now, from buying plane tickets to car tyres there is a way to give back to the planet and make it a better place for the next generations. So with Christmas coming up have you thought about how much waste you are creating by trekking around the malls and the city looking for the right gift for every one of your friends and family? Not to mention the amount of wrapping paper, sticky tape, ribbons and cards which are all going back to the recycling on boxing day.

But you can stop this madness and have a carbon neutral Christmas. You can buy plants as presents for your friends and family and while plants don't need wrapping - or rather can't be wrapped because they would probably die - you are also creating little extra air filters in the back yards of your friends and family.

However, a carbon neutral Christmas depends heavily on you keeping your plant presents alive until the big giving day so when you make the big trip to the garden centre to get a plant for everyone, you need to hire a limousine. If you live in Oldham you may have to travel further out of the city to find a good quality nursery and a long drive in a hot car is not good for your Christmas presents.

Therefore, if you hire a limousine to take you from Oldham to do your Christmas shopping you can set the temperature control steady and there will also be plenty of room to store your plants so they don't fall or get crushed on the way home.

Also instead of perpetuating the production of plastic Christmas trees, you may have decided to get a living Christmas tree at the nursery too. This not only allows you to keep a little of your carbon neutral Christmas for yourself, but you and your family also get to enjoy watching your little tree grow up. There will also be plenty of room and help from the chauffeur to get your living Christmas tree back to Oldham too.

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