My Limo Includes What

My Limo Includes What...

Limousines now come with everything you could possibly imagine could be fitted into a moving vehicle, often many things you had never thought of have been installed in modern limousines. However, there are many features listed by limo hire companies which are slightly misleading or you may think you know what they are, but in the context of the limo industry, they are something completely different.

Sun Roof
Can come in many shapes and sizes and is basically an opening in the roof of the limousine. Many come with shades which can block out hot sun and they can be either manual or electronically controlled. Sun rooves are typically opaque and to let the sun in you have to actually open them up.

Moon Roof
Are transparent or tinted so they let the sun in without having to be opened up. In fact, the traditional moon roof doesn't actually open at all. While a true moon roof doesn't open, the term has come to be interchangeable with sun roof and there are some limousines which have a transparent moon roof, which also slides open like a sun roof, it's best to double check.

Dance Floor
Yep, it's a real dance floor in a limousine. After you have had a few drinks from the bar you can turn up the sound system and have your own private party inside the limo. Dance floors are only found in the larger SUV limousines as they have higher rooves and more space after being stretched.

DVD, TV, MP3, Internet, Fax & Telephone
Many limousines are listed as having some or all of these features but make sure you find out what is actually inside. While many limousines really do have all of these features, some only have the provisions or the outlets for them so before you get too excited, have a closer look.

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