Environmentally Friendly Limo Hire

Environmentally Friendly Limo Hire

With road transport contributing to a large majority of air pollution around the world, we are seeing more and more cars being converted to run on natural gas and more people using public transport to cut down on the amount of cars on the road.

However, the limo hire companies can't cut down on the number of cars they send out onto the road as this is their whole business, therefore, they are some of the most important contributors to greenhouses gasses, who must lead the way towards cleaner air.

There have been huge advancements in the gas and electricity technology for cars and even limousines and Carey England Limited is now officially adopting an Environmental Policy for their limousine fleet. Carey England Limited have also signed an agreement with CarbonNeutral to invest in projects which will offset the carbon emissions of their fleet of limousines.

Carey England Limited share the same commitment to top quality customer service as their parent company Carey International. They therefore recognise the impact which their services are having on the environment and know they have a responsibility to help give back to the environment and the public.

The Environmental Policy includes maintaining the limousine fleet to ensure they are operating at maximum efficiency, researching and developing new fuel efficiency methods, eliminating the effects of the carbon emissions from their limousines through their investment in CarbonNeutral and instigating an office recycling system for their paper, plastic and cans.

While limousines are generally bigger and use more fuel than an ordinary vehicle because of the amount of time they spend on the road, the limousine industry recognises that they need to be aware of the impact they are having and try to reduce the damage they are doing, without compromising their products and services for their passengers.

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