Manchester Buddhism

Buddhism in Manchester

Many people travel all over the world to experience different cultures and religions, but right here in the UK there are a myriad of different ways to do all that without having to renew your passport.

For example, you can visit the Manchester Buddhist Centre which aims to introduce the Buddhist art of meditation to those in and around the bustling centre of the city. So if you feel you would like to know more about Buddhism but don't have time for a trip to India, simply make the much shorter trip to Manchester and prepare to be enlightened.

To make your trip to the Manchester Buddhist Centre feel like you really are travelling across cultures and not just on your everyday errands, hire a limousine to take you to the Centre; after all, it is probably best if you arrive relaxed and your chauffeur will make sure of that as they do all of the worrying about parking, driving and traffic.

As your limousine drops you, calm and relaxed, at the Manchester Buddhist Centre, you will be entering part of the international movement of the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order (FWBO) which is dedicated to applying Buddhist principles in contemporary society.

The FWBO was founded in 1967 by Sangharakshita, an English Buddhist monk who had returned from 20 years of Buddhist practice and study in India, who has worked to instil Buddhism as a living tradition by having it respond to the constantly changing conditions of Western cultures.

The Manchester Buddhist Centre is therefore a place of beauty and simplicity offering a calm and relaxing escape from the bustling city. The Manchester Buddhist Centre teaches the essential principles of meditation and Buddhism to thousands.

Once inside you will find a meditation hall for personal meditation as well as a bookshop, reference library and the award winning Earth Vegetarian Caf�. The Manchester Buddhist Centre welcomes everyone, whether you want to do a bit of shopping, meditating, meet new people or join up for a course.

So for a unique and modern look at Buddhist theories, contact Manchester Limo Hire now to help you on the way to relaxation.

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